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    4ot world 2016
    • Short info
      Exhibition: ot world 2016
      Stand dimensions: 56m²
      At this year´s OT World in Leipzig we accompanied again our customer Orliman, with a bigger space than in previous shows. We created a spectacular and innovative design. . The central element was the suspended ceiling like an upside down U, hanging on top of the stand without any support on the structure itself. It was 6 m high and therefore gave a big impact to the whole construction. The design was based on slanted lines, with prone elements. The booth also contained big size graphics, some of them with indirect lighting, a 70" plasma screen for presenting the corporate video and 3 big shop- windows to display the product branches, as well as a "blue carpet" inviting to step in.
      Client's feedback
      "Congratulations! everybody complimented us on the stand"
    • otworld_16_1_83108.jpg
    • otworld_16_3_83110.jpg
    • otworld_16_2_83109.jpg
    • otworld_16_4_83111.jpg
    • otworld_16_5_83113.jpg
    6Mobile World Congress
    • Short info
      Exhibition: Mobile World Congress
      Stand dimensions: 40m²
      We built this eye-catching stand at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The exhibitor XAD had decided to make a big jump forward in quality, finishes and audiovisuals to make his participations at this world´s biggest show for the mobile industry very special. Consequently, we also "grew" in height, building an impressive space with a top height of 6,0 m. The stand attracted a great deal of visitors, offering customized high quality meeting spaces, both for informal chats and more private business meetings. As one additional attraction, visitors could perform an interactive life animation, driven by sensors in the floor and shown on a big-size screen. The modern and comfy style of the booth was underlined by the wooden surfaces in combination with white brick walls, the upholstered high range furniture and lighting and the big bar area in urban coffee house style.
      Client's feedback
    • xad_7_75860.jpg
    • xad_1_75855.jpg
    • xad_2_75856.jpg
    • xad_4_75857.jpg
    • xad_5_75858.jpg
    • xad_6_75859.jpg
    • xad_3_75861.jpg
    5Two-storey stand
    • Short info
      Exhibition: Two-storey stand
      Stand dimensions: 130m²
      The distinctive feature of this project is that it has an upper floor, where the lounge was located. The construction of such an upper floor inside a fair booth makes high demands, both tecnically and statically and can only be executed with a highly professional team. The first floor increased the stand area from 100 to 130 square meters. Form the visual point of view, the two high arches and the sophisticated design made this stans specially appealing.
      Client's feedback
      "The stand is brilliant, we are very happy with it."
    • ot_4_3934.jpg
    • ot_1_3931.jpg
    • ot_3_3933.jpg
    • ot_2_3932.jpg
    • ot_5_3935.jpg
    • ot_6_3936.jpg
    4INTERZOO Nürnberg
    • Short info
      Exhibition: INTERZOO Nürnberg
      Stand dimensions: 54m²
      Our client wanted to display different brands with their distinctive color and needed the stand area to be visually divided into corresponding areas but keeping an open and inviting booth. We used color blocking for this purpose and built customized shelf modules for each product range. The central space was dedicated to the company´s major brand and functioned as welcome and informal meeting area.
      Client's feedback
    • interzoo2_69691.jpg
    • interzoo3_69692.jpg
    • interzoo4_69693.jpg
    • interzoo5_69694.jpg
    • interzoo2014_69717.jpg
    4INTERZUM Köln
    • Short info
      Exhibition: INTERZUM Köln
      Stand dimensions: 60m²
      This booth was inspired by art galleries , showing the exhibits (light systems for bathrooms) displayed as paintings on the wall. The modern and puristic style included subtle light stripes running inside the floor and only a few big-size logos in different finishes, such as backlight cut-out branding, 3-D logo and vinyl. The working stations in a very personalized design added visual power to the ensemble.
      Client's feedback
    • ebir2_65505.jpg
    • ebir4_69695.jpg
    • interzum6_69697.jpg
    • interzum1_69736.jpg
    • ebir3_65506.jpg
    7DMEXCO Cologne
    • Short info
      Exhibition: DMEXCO Cologne
      Stand dimensions: 250m²
      This stand, realized for Videology Group at Dmexco show, is a sophisticated project where aesthetics and function merged into a perfect design. The shape of the stand reproduces the company´s logo branding and its 250 square meters offer the visitor and business partners several working and welcome zones. It also includes a central round wi-fi area, a video lab where live recording and broad casting took place and a speaker´s corner with theater facilities for interactive presentations. The combination of painted elements with raw OSB panels provides a dynamic, original look and is also present in the customized furniture , which also have the square shape of the rooms. The stand includes eye-catching branding elements like backlit cube walls and a large-sized logo drum on top, illuminated from inside.
      Client's feedback
      "It is the nicest stand we ever had" " A HUGE thank you for the work you and your team did to make DMEXCO such a success for Videology. The feedback from our team, the show organisers and delegates has been outstanding"
    • meeting1_60721.jpg
    • leftside_60720.jpg
    • tribuene_60723.jpg
    • filming_60718.jpg
    • cubewall_60717.jpg
    • videology1_60505.jpg
    • videolab_60722.jpg
    • wifi_area_60719.jpg
    5HOST Milano
    • Short info
      Exhibition: HOST Milano
      Stand dimensions: 150m²
      Appealing design stand with great visibility at distance. The trhee large suspended circles above the booth are fantastic eye-catchers. Inside the stand we have clear lines with optical separation for the different presentation areas of the product families and custom-made furniture for the meeting areas, along with large size graphics.
      Client's feedback
      "Certainly our nicest stand so far"
    • coldkit_1_3937.jpg
    • coldkit_2_3938.jpg
    • coldkit3_slide_3939.jpg
    • coldkit_perspective_3650.jpg
    • coldkit_5_3941.jpg
    • coldkit6_3942.jpg


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